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Steel rat traps

Steel rat traps
Steel rat traps
  • Category:Animal Cages
  • Material:Iron Wire, Steel Wire
  • Properties:anti rust and hard enough to catch mouse
  • Application:the ideal for catching

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Steel rat traps
The specifications of Steel rat traps
1. The materials of Steel rat traps: Iron Wire, Steel Wire
2. Finishing: powder coating
3. Packing: poly bag and cartons
The features of Steel rat traps
1. Steel rat traps are anti rust and hard enough to catch mouse.
2. Steel rat traps are unique design, beautiful exterior, long useful time.
3. Steel rat traps can be reducing the damage degree when they are arrested.
The applications of Steel rat traps
Steel rat traps are the ideal for catching: Rats, Mouse, Hamsters, gopher, chipmunk and similar sized animals.

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