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Loose tea holder

Loose tea holder
Loose tea holder
  • Category:Other Deep Processing Products
  • Material:ss 302 304 304l 316 316l
  • Properties:resistance to higher temperature
  • Application:loose tea leaves during brewing

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Loose tea holder
The specifications of Loose tea holder
1. The materials of Loose tea holder: ss 201 304 316 316l
2. Surface Treatment: electrolytic polishing or mirror polish
3. Packing: poly bag, carton box, or according to customers’ requirements
The features of Loose tea holder
1. Loose tea holder is resistance to higher temperature.
2. Loose tea holder is easy to use and clean and storage.
3. Loose tea holder can be created new design for free.
The applications of Loose tea holder
1. Loose tea holder holds loose tea leaves during brewing.
2. Loose tea holder allows for easy removal from brewed tea with long chain.

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