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Egg beater

Egg beater
Egg beater
  • Category:Other Deep Processing Products
  • Material:Stainless Steel wire
  • Properties: more convenient to beat the eggs, easy to clean up
  • Application:Used for hotel, restaurant, kitchenware, etc.

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Egg beater
1-Material: Stainless Steel wire
2- Advantages of the egg beater:
      1. With this egg beater, you can beat the egg conveniently.
       2. easy to clean up.
       3. One egg beater can be used for a long time and they are durable.
3-Surface treatment: Polished
4- Used for hotel, restaurant, kitchenware, etc.
5- Design: can make as your requirement
6- When you use it in the first time, please use the boil water to clean the product and then use the detergent to clean it again.
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