Mesh Baskets

Perforated sterilization basket

Perforated sterilization basket
Perforated sterilization basket
  • Category:Mesh Baskets
  • Material:stainless steel wire
  • Properties:Sterilization Baskets
  • Application:Medical use

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Perforated sterilization basket
1. Material: Perforated Sterilization Basket is made of low carbon steel sheet, galvanized sheet and stainless steel sheet. If the using environment is acid condition, please choose stainless steel perforated sterilization basket as material.
2. Features of Perforated Sterilization Basket:
2.1 Ultra fine punch pattern side panel (2mm) guarantee a permeability of more than 40% that results in an extremely good washing and sterilization process.
2.2 The fine punched side panel prevents injuries caused by sharp and/or fine instruments and prevents instrument from damage.
2.3 The design of the basket precludes hollows or cavities in which dirt could accumulate. The Perforated Sterilization Basket is completely free of welding burrs, openings, distortion of wires or weld discoloration.
3. Packing of Perforated Sterilization Basket:
The Perforated Sterilization Basket should be package in the wooden box to avoid any extrusion.