Mesh Baskets

Metal trays

Metal trays
Metal trays
  • Category:Mesh Baskets
  • Material:stainless steel 304
  • Properties:smooth surface, anti-high temp, stable structure
  • Application:in hospitals, laboratories, workrooms etc, for the work of sterilization

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Metal trays
The specifications of Metal trays
1. The materials of Metal trays: stainless steel 304
2. Finishing: electrochemical polishing treatment technology, surface bright as a mirror
3. Packing: carton, tray, standard packaging
The features of Metal trays
1. Metal trays have the smooth surface, anti-high temp, stable structure.
2. Metal trays are anti-rust, toxic and tasteless, long lasting lifetime.
3. Metal trays are propitious to Hygienic and environmental protection.
The applications of Metal trays
Metal trays are widely used in hospitals, laboratories, workrooms etc, for the work of sterilization, washing and storage.

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