Mesh Baskets

Fruits basket

Fruits basket
Fruits basket
  • Category:Mesh Baskets
  • Material:stainless steel
  • Properties:has high temperature resistance
  • Application:used to reserve foods and all kinds of fruits

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Fruits basket

The specifications of Fruits basket

1.  The materials of Fruits basket: stainless steel 

2.  Surface treatment: chrome

3.  Appearance: shiny and bright

The features of Fruits basket

1.  Fruits basket is friendly environmentally.

2.  Fruits basket can bear much weight.

3.Fruits basket has high temperature resistance.

The applications of Fruits basket

1.  Fruits basket can be used to reserve foods and all kinds of fruits.

2.  Fruits basket has many applications in kitchen, baking room, bakery, restaurants and other places.


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