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Your Grill Grates Are Rusty

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A rusty grill grate looks unsightly.The rust grabs onto food and makes it more prone to burning. The rust may come off onto the food itself. It's not a condiment most people would choose with their grilled steak or chicken. Choose from several options regarding what to do if your grill grates are rusty.


Lava Stone

The lava stone, also called pumice, is sold in hardware stores and where grid grills and accessories are offered. It's a type of volcanic rock full of tiny holes, which makes it lightweight. Use it to scrub the rust away. The rock will crumble as it removes the rust. As the lava stone is used, it will form grooves where you've pressed it against the grate. The grooves remove the rust between the grates. Turn the grate over to scrub the rust from the other side. Dry and then oil the grate with cooking oil. Wipe off excess.


Steel Wool

Steel wool performs the same function as the lava stone. Use the kind filled with soap in the cleaning solutions section of the grocery store or the kind without soap sold in hardware stores. Scrub away the rust. Dry and then oil.


Wire Brush

A long-handled wire brush is made exclusively for cleaning grates. Turn on the grill grate if it's gas, or light a hot fire in a charcoal grill. Scrub the grill with the brush while it's hot. It removes grease, cooked on food and some rust. When the grill has cooled completely, wipe it down with cooking oil.



If your grill netting is rusted to the point you're afraid it has weakened and the food will fall through to the fire, replacement is an option. Check with your grill manufacturer for specifications.