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Wire baskets of WUZHOUKINGDA

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WUZHOUKINGDA specializes in making steel wire mesh baskets to meet the exact needs and tolerances of your application. If you need a basket for part washing applications or handling small objects, then a mesh basket is an ideal product for you. We make thousands of custom steel baskets and racks each week for customers with exacting needs in industries such as the pharmaceutical, defense, automotive and aerospace industries.

Wire mesh baskets allow for free flow of air and liquids through the basket’s open space, making them highly effective at allowing parts to dry after a wash cycle. WUZHOUKINGDA's custom mesh baskets can be the perfect asset for your next project.

We fabricate baskets to your specifications. These baskets may be made of wire cloth, expanded metal or perforated metal. Frames may be round, flat or rectangular bar stock. We fabricate all metals, any shape, large or small sizes, long or short runs. All operations--weaving, cutting, slitting, forming, stamping, punching, bending, edging, rolling, welding, soldering, seaming.

We also offer Industrial Wire Baskets, Medical sterilization baskets, wire mesh containers for fruits and other daily articles. It is made of carbon steel or stainless steel, and exotic alloys, with plated, electropolished and powder coated finishes. In different sizes and designs. Any sizes and any Minimum orders are available. Therefore, as long as you are interested in wire mesh baskets or wire rack, please just send us your specific requirements and we will spare every effort to meet all your needs.