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Wire Mesh Crafts

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Wire mesh sheets may be made from copper, brass or aluminum wires and are available at many wire mesh craft stores. Both the copper and the brass wire mesh have a tight weave and may be cut, shaped and sewn together like fabric. Aluminum wire mesh has a larger weave and is most often used to make the metal basket and the filter media of the filter element.


Garden Stakes

Copper and brass wire mesh are good choices to make quick and simple garden stakes. You can trace any shape you like onto the mesh screen, and then cut out the shape with sharp household shears. Create a pair of butterfly wings from the copper or the brass, and then attach a strip of beaded wire to the center as the butterfly’s body. Strong craft glue such as E6000 works well to glue wire and beads to the wire mesh.


You can use 22-gauge craft wire to make the butterfly’s antennae. Cut a strip and fold it in half and curl both ends before you glue it onto the wire mesh. Make the garden stake by creating a spiral with 18-gauge craft wire. You can glue the back of the butterfly’s body to the garden stake wire or use small strips of 22-gauge wire to connect the end of the spiral to the mesh.


Scrapbook Pages

Add dimension to your scrapbook pages with brass or copper wire mesh sheets. Both the copper and brass wire mesh are perfect for designing fall or holiday related pages. The sheets are thin enough that you can cut out any design and then glue it straight onto your scrapbook page. Use the wire mesh as a backing for photos, create ornaments or layer the metal behind other mementos. You can embellish the wire mesh with ribbon glued around the border or by stitching words onto the mesh with embroidery yarn.


Clay Mask

Making a clay mask is much simpler if you first have a form to help give the clay shape and structure. You can create any kind of small mask form with a sheet of aluminum wire mesh. Bend and curve the aluminum mesh until it fits your mask design. Curving the wire around a coffee will help you achieve a semi-circular form.

When the mesh is shaped like a mask, cut out holes for the eyes and cover it with clay. Embellish the mask with flat-backed rhinestones, feathers and beadwork before the clay dries. You can also decorate the mask after the clay dries with strong craft glue.