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The introduction of expanded metal

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Expanded metal takes regular steel and expands it into a diamond pattern, which can make it become stronger, lighter, more rigid and more economic as well as making a skid resistance surface. Besides, expanded metal has smooth surface, high friction coefficient, strength material, and also for cutting processing as well as manufacturing work piece.

We know expanded metal is extremely stock and durable. So it is widely used in the building and oil industry as filters. And it also can be used with concrete in building and construction, maintenance of equipment, making of art and craft, covering screen for first class sound case. Besides, expanded metal can be used as reinforcing bar in construction, railways and bridges. In addition, it also can be used as step mesh of tanks, corridor and walking road as heavy model equipment and so on.

What’s more, expanded metal is mainly used as fences. Expanded metal fence is formed from sheet steel in a way that each panel is one continuous component intersections are not welded or woven. Expanded metal structure provides a highly durable and vandal resistant form of perimeter guard with a variety of mesh profiles to choose from. We can offer expanded metal fence with verified heights and mesh densities. The surface treatment way of expanded metal fence is normally galvanized. And expanded metal fence is widely used in boundary, industrial locations and commercial sites. And also, it always used for the main structure of filter element, and the supporting mesh of the filter disc.

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