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Stainless steel nonstick roasting oven rack

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Stainless steel container

The specification of stainless steel container

1.   The material; stainless steel wire

2.    Size: as your drawing

3.    Wire diameter: as per your information

4.    Loading capacity: according to your order

5.    Hole size: as requirement

6.    Others: collapsible, stackable

7.    Supporting: wheels or legs

8.    Package: container

The feature of stainless steel container

1.   Stainless steel container is easy to clear, carry, recyclable, sort and count, due to uniform specification and fixed capacity.

2.   Stainless steel container is sturdy and durable.

3.    Stainless steel container can be stowed in the rack and assembly line and can also be stacked.

4.    Stainless steel container is used to deposit the paper box and light goods.

The application of stainless steel container

1.   Stainless steel container is used in the workshop and supermarket for sales promotion and storage.

2.   Stainless steel container can be used in warehouse, factory, stope and so forth.


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