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Sheet Metal Punching Tools

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Whether you're working on a bit of DIY or involved in a large-scale construction project, cutting and punching sheet metal can be an enjoyable and simple process. With the aid of just a few tools, easily procured from a hardware store (or your own garage), punch various hole sizes, create joined edges and mark areas to cut the sheet metal where required. The cutted panels are used for many field of industry such as the wire mesh basket, the inner structure of filter cartridge, and also a lot of storage baskets need the perforated sheet to reinforce the whole structure.


Hand Punch

This hand-held device puts one ton of punching power in your grip. It is used for mild steel, up to 1/4-inch holes, and comes with accessory punches of 3/32 up to 9/32 inces.


Knock-Out Punches

Knock-out punches are attached to a wrench and used to make simple, smooth holes. They save time on drilling, hand-fitting and sawing. Each knock-out punch is a particular size; for jobs requiring multi-sized punches, procure multiple knock-outs (knock-out punch sizes come in 1/2 inch through 3 1/8 inches.)


Flanging Tool

Any time you're cutting more than one piece of metal at the same time, a flanging tool will help keep the edges perfectly meeting together. The die on the flanging tool creates a 1/2-inch serrated edge on the metal. The other end of the tool adds a 3/16-inch punch. The body of the tool has a comfort rubber grip.


Utility Automatic Center

This simple pen-like tool is a lightweight way to punch sheet metal. It may be attached to a drill bit for center punching and eliminates the need to hammer holes into the metal. It is made of alloy steel and can adjust depending on the thickness/weight of the metal.