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Perforated Tube Filters

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 Perforated Tube Filters

Perforated Tube is popularly used in filter products as support tubing, and sometimes it is used directly as filter tubes and cylinders for certain industries.We supply perforated tubes to support the filter media in making of various filter elements. Using of perforated metal adds more strength and pressure resistance in filter flow.




Perforated metal is used in filters or screens itself in the screening of coal, gravel and ore; in the shifting and separation of food products and medical material, water well screening, sand control. Made of quality stainless steel or carbon steel sheets,


Perforated filter tubes and cylinders can be made spiral welded or butt welded in a wide range of sizes.


Perforated filter tubes are  subject to design requirements, stringent inspections, and competitive pricing. This in mind, we developed a proprietary system that is so unique it not only can produce practically any pattern,


Completely perforated or with blank areas, one hole size or a variety of them, straight or flared ends, perforated tubes can be made up to 6 inches in diameter and 30 inches in length in any metal type or thickness.


It is used in filter of automobiles internal-combustion engine, sieving of mine, Medicine, grain, sound insulation of room, ventilate of grain depot, etc.


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