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Mount Speaker Grills to Speakers

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Grill covers protect stereo speakers, preventing the delicate cones on the speaker's face from being punctured. It is necessary to remove the grill cover from a speaker when it requires cleaning, as dust can penetrate the grill and build up on the speaker. While some people prefer to leave their speakers without the protective grills, it is generally best to replace them once the speaker face has been cleaned.



1 Find the prongs in the four corners of the speaker grill. These are generally made of metal or plastic.


2 Locate the four holes in each corner of the speaker. These provide the entry point for the prongs on the back of the grill.


3 Align the four prongs on the back of the grill with the four holes in the speaker. Ensure that you are not touching the cones of the speaker.


4 Press firmly on each of the corners until the grill fits securely into the holes of the speaker. The grill is now mounted onto the speaker.