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Kitchen Sink Drain Installation

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The kitchen sink drain is an essential part of the sink assembly because it allows waste water to drain from the sink quickly and efficiently. Installing a drain in the kitchen sink is a straight forward task that requires only simple tools and a silicone sealant.



1 Cut off the tip of the silicone sealant dispenser with a sharp utility knife.


2 Apply a strip of silicone sealant neatly around the precut drain hole at the bottom of the kitchen sink. The silicone sealant prevents leaks.


3 Insert the sink drain into the drainage hole. Push it firmly into place so that the sealant forms a seal between the drain and the edge of the hole. If the sink drain comes with a rubber or plastic washer, place this over the bottom of the drain before pushing it into place.


4 Reach under the kitchen sink and paint a thin layer of pipe thread compound over the protruding thread at the bottom of the drain. This will lubricate and seal the drain when you screw on the locking nut.


5 Screw the locking nut into place over the thread on the bottom of the drain. Tighten the locking nuts securely with an adjustable wrench.


6 Wipe off excess sealant at the bottom of the kitchen sink with a water-dampened cloth. Sealant may have spread around the drain hole as you tightened the locking nut.