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Kitchen Shelves Ideas

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Kitchen Shelves Ideas

There are many ideas of kitchen shelves. Dead wall space that serves no decorative purpose is one of the worst and most common mistakes left uncorrected by the layperson. In a kitchen, cabinet space is always at a premium, since the banning of that wonderful kitchen extension--the pantry. In lieu of the pantry it is still possible to plan distribution of wall shelves in the kitchen which serve their intended purpose without just looking like a cabinet without a door. However, since shelves have no door systems are selective about the items displayed. Save the mundane for the shelves hidden behind the cabinet door.

Peg Board and Wall Paper "Shelf"
For a novel and attractive "shelf" system, purchase a sheet of pegboard and a roll of wallpaper which coordinates with the established design theme. Cover the pegboard with the wallpaper as if it were the wall. Use an awl to bore a hole through the paper for each hook. Press the paper against the interior of the hole for a finished look. Mount the covered board on the wall as high as the hand can comfortably reach. Insert the hooks. Hang the pans. Plan an efficient way to use the new free space in the cabinet.

Glass Shelves
Glass shelves of diverse lengths, scattered rhythmically up the wall in collage fashion are ideal for storing pretty items used in the kitchen and at the dinner table. As a layperson, go step by step to avoid error. Choose a center section of dead wall space. Mount the “L” brackets or cantilevers, for the first glass shelf. Place tall light weight attractive objects on that shelf. Decide on the placement of the next shelf. Develop a visual relationship between the two shelves. Continue mounting shelves and brackets from side to side creating a swirl movement. Organize objects on the shelves in a visually pleasing manner.

Wood Plank Shelves
Use short widths of wood plank as the brackets and longer wood plank as the shelf. In a country kitchen whitewash the shelves or leave them natural. Use the planks in those narrow sections of dead wall space which are in the niche created by an odd placed load bearing wall. Stagger the shelves up the wall in ascending fashion. Use these shelves for heavy objects which are used daily in the kitchen to avoid the constant strain of bending and stooping. Dress the corner of one shelf with an apron or small straw broom to further provincialism the scene.