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How to choose a suitable dish drainer

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A dish drainer is a necessary implement in the modern kitchen. The metal dish drainer can reduce the situation of breeding bacteria because of the wet. How to choose a suitable dish drainer? There are some steps as follows.


The first thing is to choose the material. Long time connection with water, acid and alkali, the stainless steel 304 is a better choice. The material can avoid getting rust and can resistant acid and alkali. It is easy to wash and clean. The using time will be very long.


The next is the holding capacity. This is chosen according to the number of your family. If there are many people in your family, you should choose a bigger and wider one. But if there are little people, you can choose a smaller one, which can save your space.


And you should choose a metal dish drainer that is easy to install and teardown. In the kitchen, there are many different cookers and tablewares so that there are different parts. If the parts can be installed and tear down conveniently, they will satisfy our many demands.


The last one is the depth of the metal dish drainer. We should choose the deep dish drainer, which can make sure that the dishes will not easy to fall down and broken. The deep dish drainer can protect your bowls and dishes well.


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