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How much do you know about the bicycle basket

How much do you know about the bicycle basket


A bicycle basket is for carrying. Generally, there are many different object in the bicycle basket including the light, cargo. They are usually used for light shopping including the gonging to the market to buy milk or bread. And the bicycle basket is often mounted on the handlebar, of course, sometimes, maybe they installed on the backseat in the bicycle. And the material of the basket is generally metal mesh.


The bicycle with a front basket is the most common and the front basket are usually install on the handlebar though sometime there are also brace that extend from the basket to the front bolt on the front of the bicycle.


The loading capacity of the bicycle of front basket is limited, so overloading a front basket isn’t advisable, also any load that is far too large could possibly obstruct the rider’s vision. Light shopping loads are usually not a problem.


As to the rear basket, they usually can be mounted on a luggage carrier near the rear wheel of the cycle. The basket are generally narrower and deeper than the average handlebar basket. And sometime, the rear basket can load more cargo that is more weight than the front basket. Because the cargo can be loaded in the center of the gravity , and therefore, it is easy to control and handle.


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