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Decorating Ideas for Kitchen Shelving

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Decorating Ideas for Kitchen Shelving

Shelving in a kitchen provides storage, a much needed element in the hub of the home. In addition to storage, Kitchen Shelving also serves as a decorative element for this space. While the items that you store on your Kitchen Shelving may be things that you use every day -- or even just for special days -- you can arrange them in an appealing way to add to the look of the room.

Use your Kitchen Shelving as storage for your plates, but arrange them in a decorative way to make an eye-catching display. If you have multi-colored plates, arrange them in piles of alternating colors -- for instance, stack green plates on top of blue plates. You could also arrange them in monochromatic piles -- all green plates in one pile and all blue plates in another. Stack the dinner plates with the dinner plates and the dessert plates with the dessert plates. If you have a pattern on your plates, show them off like artwork. Purchase a picture stand or shelves that have a groove cut in them. Stand a serving platter up so that the design can be seen and place a smaller dessert plate in front of it, giving the display some depth. Stack the remaining plates in piles next to the display plates.

Canisters are ideal for holding food items -- sugar, flour, coffee and pasta, for example -- but they can also be used as an ornaments to adorn your kitchen shelves. For a modern look, fill clear canisters with whatever items you wish. Arrange them in a line on a shelf so that the tallest canister is first, down to the shortest canister. Print labels on decorative paper and affix them to the front of the canisters. You can also purchase colored canisters or canisters that feature decorations that fit the theme of your kitchen.

Appliances and Utensils
Use your appliances and utensils as decorative elements for your Kitchen Shelving. Arrange these items in themed vignettes on your Kitchen Shelving. For example, place a stand-up mixer, mixing bowls and measuring cups on one shelf; steak knives and carving boards on another shelf and on yet another shelf, arrange cookbooks, potholders, rolled aprons and rolled dish towels. Arranging items on the Kitchen Shelving in this way creates a functional display, as the items that are most frequently used together are stored together.