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Cure a Barbecue Grill

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Barbecue grills last long and cook food uniformly when cured before using for the first time and again at the start of the season. Curing is a process of coating the interior of the BBQ grill with a quality food oil, then heating to allow the oil to bake into the surface, sealing and protecting the metal or iron. Gas grills are easy to cure; just push a button to ignite the burners. Charcoal grills need a load of coals to burn down completely for curing the grill.




Pour a few tablespoons of olive or vegetable oil into a wad of paper towels and rub the oil onto the interior surfaces of the grill, including the cover and the cooking grates. Repeat as necessary until the interior surfaces glisten. Olive oil works best since it is a lighter oil that absorbs into metal and iron surfaces faster than heavier vegetable oil.



Coat the outside metal and iron parts with cooking oil in the same manner, rubbing in the oil with paper towels.



Ignite a gas grill and adjust the burners to low, or burn a load of charcoal in a coal-burning grill and wait for the coals to turn white.



Close the grill cover and allow to heat for one hour before shutting off a gas grill. Leave the cover closed and allow the coals to burn out when using charcoal.



Wait for the grid grill to cool completely before removing the cooking grates to clean out the spent coals in a charcoal grill.