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Connect Speaker Grilles

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Speakers grilles can be attached in a manner that is attractive and functional. Provided there are no existing attachment points on the speaker, new ones can be drilled with mounting posts. These plastic posts snap into each other, creating a secure yet removable solution. Sold in most electronics hobbyist stores online, these grille attachments can be retro-fit into nearly any speaker grille not utilizing a proprietary solution.




Drill a pilot hole using the 9/16 drill bit into the four corners of the speaker cabinet's baffle and the corresponding locations on the grille. Do the same for the grille, this time using a 7/16 bit. If the grille already has a covering, make sure to only drill deep enough on the back of the grille to accommodate the male posts.



Apply a thin layer of hot glue into the drilled holes on the speaker baffle. Place the receiving sockets into the speaker's baffle, and tap them in gently using the hammer.



Place the speaker's grille face down. Apply a thin bead of hot glue into the pre-drilled holes. Gently twist the male posts into these holes. Do not tap these into place, as the neck of the post may bend.



Allow a few minutes for the glue to dry. Snap the grille onto the speaker.