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Clean Gas Barbeque Grill Grates

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Cooking on your gas grill will lead to food and buildup on the grates, resulting in a mess of food residue and germs. Clean your grill grates before and after you grill ensures a clean, safe surface for cooking your food. No products are necessary, as the high heat from cooking or preheating the grill is enough to turn the food to ash so it can be scrubbed away.



1 Heat your gas grill grid on high according to the manufacturer's instructions. Wait for at least 10 minutes so the grill can heat and burn off the food residue.


2 Turn off the grill grates and scrub the grates with a brass-bristled grill brush, following the direction of the grates. You also can do this after cooking--just remove the food and turn up the heat with the lid on for about five minutes.


3 Close the lid and turn off the grill and the gas supply.